Super Chains

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Super Chains a fun puzzle game.
To capture and use them, create long links of chain blocks by simply touching an adjoining block that is one number higher, lower, or of the same value.
Powerful mythical creatures are hidden in this super numbers puzzle game! Get powerful Heroes to help you in your task!
Can you be the EPIC champion??

Chain Reactions:

The term "Super Chains" suggests that the game might involve creating or managing chain reactions. This could be in the context of connecting items or actions in succession to achieve a specific outcome.
Puzzle or Matching Gameplay:

It's possible that "Super Chains" is a puzzle or matching game where players link or match items in chains to score points or complete objectives.
Power-Ups and Combos:

The game might include power-ups or special moves that players can use to create super-sized or enhanced chains, leading to higher scores or other benefits.
Levels and Progression:

There could be a level-based structure, where players progress through increasingly challenging stages, encountering new obstacles or mechanics related to creating chains.
Graphics and Visuals:

Visuals might be designed to emphasize the interconnectedness of chains, potentially with vibrant and dynamic graphics to enhance the gaming experience.
Leaderboards and Competition:

Competitive elements might be present, such as leaderboards where players can compare their chain-building skills with others.

Depending on the nature of the game, controls could involve tapping, swiping, or dragging elements on the screen to create and manage chains.
Themes and Storyline:

"Super Chains" could have a specific theme or storyline that ties into the gameplay, providing context for the chain-building mechanics.