God of Light

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Sit back and become immersed into the world of God of Light, the game that rethinks the physics puzzle genre with its unique environment exploration gameplay, amazing graphics and exclusive soundtrack created by electronic music icon UNKLE.

Join cute game mascot, Shiny, on his way to saving the universe from the impending darkness. Play through a variety of exciting game worlds and dozens of levels with mind-blowing puzzles. Your goal is to explore game levels, seek for game objects that reflect, split, combine, paint, bend and teleport rays of light energy to activate the Sources of Life and bring light back to the universe.

Play the entire Celestial Tree chapter for free and unlock dozens of additional levels in Stone, Azure, Frozen and Space Trees for free using collected Fireflies or with in-app purchase.

This game more than delivers when it comes to great gameplay experience, so what are you waiting for? Get ready for an amazing trip. Become God of Light!

Product Features
• Explore 6 different game worlds and 150 levels.
• Use mirrors, prisms, splitters, collectors, black holes and filters to control rays of light energy.
• Unlock and share your achievements with friends. Do you have what it takes to earn them all?
• Collect glowing creatures that help you solve puzzles.
• Receive regular updates with new game worlds and levels to explore.

"God of Light" is a visually stunning puzzle game that combines physics-based challenges with captivating graphics and ambient music. The game features a unique concept of manipulating light to solve puzzles in a mystical and atmospheric world.

Key Features:

Physics-Based Puzzles: The core gameplay involves manipulating beams of light to illuminate special sources called "Collectors." Players use mirrors and other objects to direct and bend the light, solving intricate puzzles.

Stunning Visuals: "God of Light" is known for its beautiful and visually captivating graphics. The game often features intricate and colorful environments, creating an immersive experience.

Ambient Soundtrack: The game is accompanied by an ambient and soothing soundtrack that complements the mystical atmosphere. The music adds to the overall experience of relaxation and contemplation.

Diverse Environments: Players explore a variety of environments, each with its own set of puzzles and challenges. These environments are typically designed with attention to detail, contributing to the game's aesthetic appeal.

Light and Reflection Mechanics: The puzzles often involve understanding and utilizing the mechanics of light, reflection, and refraction. Players need to strategically place mirrors and other objects to achieve the desired illumination.

Challenging Levels: The game progresses through a series of increasingly challenging levels. New elements and obstacles are introduced as players advance, keeping the gameplay engaging and fresh.

Collectibles and Achievements: "God of Light" may include collectible items or achievements that players can aim for, adding an additional layer of challenge and replay value.

Free-to-Play Model: Many versions of the game follow a free-to-play model, allowing players to download and enjoy the game for free. In-app purchases may be available for hints or additional content.



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