Pigeon Bomber

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Jack the pigeon bomber is afraid of people. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to poo. Jack is flying over the city and his goal is to poo on everybody and everything!

Theme and Setting:

The title "Pigeon Bomber" suggests a potentially whimsical or humorous theme. The game may involve pigeons dropping bombs, possibly in a cartoonish or exaggerated style.
Game Genre:

Given the title, it could be a mobile or casual game with simple and accessible gameplay, suitable for a broad audience.

The main objective might involve controlling a pigeon or a group of pigeons and strategically dropping bombs on targets. The targets could be other birds, objects, or specific points in the game environment.

Controls are likely to be straightforward, possibly involving tapping or swiping gestures to guide the pigeons and release bombs.
Levels and Challenges:

The game could feature various levels or challenges, each with its own set of objectives and obstacles. As players progress, the difficulty may increase.
Power-Ups or Upgrades:

Players might have the opportunity to collect power-ups or upgrades to enhance their pigeon's bombing abilities or unlock new features.
Graphics and Visual Style:

The visual style may be light-hearted and cartoonish, with bright colors and amusing animations to complement the game's whimsical theme.
Scoring and Rewards:

Points or rewards may be earned based on the accuracy and effectiveness of bomb drops. Achieving specific goals could unlock additional content or advance the player's progress.



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