Face Breaker

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Face Breaker is an enjoyable puzzle game where you are a paddle
Destroy all the blocks using your happy paddle to hit your square-face-ball, like in a weird tennis match!
Hit and destroy all the blocks as soon as you can.
After any bounce the ball gains speed, making it harder and harder to intercept it!
If the ball falls on the bottom you lose!
Beat all the 45 engaging levels if you can!
You will face (not pan intended) a lot of difficult challenges! Prepare yourself!

Arcade-Style Boxing: "FaceBreaker" is an arcade-style boxing game that focuses on over-the-top, cartoonish boxing action.

Accessible Controls: The game is designed to be accessible to a wide audience, featuring simple and intuitive controls that allow players to perform a variety of punches, jabs, and special moves.

Cartoonish Characters: The characters in "FaceBreaker" are exaggerated and cartoonish, each with unique personalities and fighting styles.

Game Modes:

Single-Player Campaign: The game includes a single-player campaign where players create their own boxer and progress through a series of matches, each with different opponents and challenges.

Multiplayer: "FaceBreaker" features multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against each other locally or online. Multiplayer matches can be fast-paced and chaotic.


Create-a-Boxer: Players have the option to create their own custom boxer, choosing from a variety of options for appearance, clothing, and fighting style.

Personalization: The game allows for personalizing characters and adding a humorous touch to the visual elements.

Graphics and Presentation:

Stylized Visuals: The game features stylized and vibrant visuals, embracing a humorous and exaggerated art style.

Dynamic Environments: The boxing matches take place in dynamic environments, and the surroundings can be interacted with to gain advantages or deliver unique moves.


Mixed Reviews: "FaceBreaker" received mixed reviews from critics and players. While some praised its accessible gameplay and humor, others criticized it for lacking depth compared to more simulation-oriented boxing games.

Cultural Impact: "FaceBreaker" is remembered for its attempt to inject a sense of humor and lightheartedness into the boxing genre, aiming to appeal to a broader audience.